Beth Kendall

for County Commissioner 2018
Energy - Enthusiasm - Excellence

 A New Voice, A New Vision


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A Qualified Candidate


Beth has what it takes to be an honest and trustworthy representative of the people of Iredell County.  She will get things done efficiently, transparently and most importantly with consideration for the needs of ALL of Iredell County's citizens.

Bring Some Balance Back to the Iredell Board of Commissioners


For too many years the Iredell County Board of Commissioners has consisted of only Republicans.  Since the 1990s there have been no progressive voices on the board.  This fall is the time for that to change, 2018 is the year to elect a new voice to represent ALL the interests of Iredell County.

Upcoming Events


As the campaign gets into full swing Beth wants to make a special effort to meet as many constituents as she can, as she believes that the best way to represent the people is to get to know them and their interests. 

You will see her out in the community and as it gets closer to the election watch this space for times and places to meet up with her around the county to grab a cup of coffee or scoop of ice cream and talk about the issues of interest to you.

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