"My whole life has been based on hard work, getting a good education- the belief that if you work hard you should be able to build a better future for yourself and your family. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make sure every resident of Iredell County feels safe and knows that their voice matters. I feel confident that when you get to know me and know my values that you will trust me to represent you, to find solutions, and to get things done."

A good education is the key to a bright future. Education is about teaching one to think, to be critical and to act practically.  We need to be sure all our children start off on the right foot with early childhood programs, and continue with a great public school system that gives them relevant skills in a changing world and prepares them for the future.

For years we have been asking our teachers to do more and more with less and less.  Being a product of the public school system​ myself I know the importance of having quality teachers with access to up-to-date classroom materials, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that the teachers of our County are properly equipped to educate our children.

Jobs & the Economy

Creating opportunity requires good paying jobs and access to training for those jobs.  Iredell County is growing at an unprecedented rate and continuing to foster that growth is critical.  Small businesses are at the center of this, and we must promote conditions that allow for companies to start up and thrive.  Additionally we must not neglect the agriculture community; supporting our farmers and preserving our farmland are high on my agenda.

The toll road has created significant controversy in this region.  While some of the goals of the project may be in our interest, ultimately there are better transportation options to consider moving forward that could have a tremendous impact on the future of Iredell County.

Diversity in Government

A government for and by the people should include a wide variety of voices.  Diversity on our Board of County Commissioners will help ensure that no issue is examined from only one narrow point of view.  It is important to have a group of people of varied passions and skills in order to bring different issues and perspectives to the forefront.  Diversifying candidates will diversify policy.


I experience almost every day the frustrations of fighting with big insurance companies over coverage of medications, procedures and what is best for my patients.  Too many times I see patients grappling with the decision of whether to buy a needed medicine or provide for their family.  Additionally I see far too many patients who have healthcare coverage but perhaps do not have the right plan because when it came time to choose they didn't know how to make that choice.  At the county level we can work to allocate resources to help with this problem.  We must also work to ensure the health of our citizens through programs promoting awareness and prevention.


The environment is our greatest shared resource.  In addition to preserving our beautiful rural landscape and state parks we need to find ways to invest in energy conservation measures and continue to make it easier and more convenient to recycle.

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